Retail Division

Catering to the needs of the local retail market, Spring Valley has started its operation in the retail packing division. Located in the Dubai Industrial City, our Consumer packaging enables us to distribute our products to variety of retailers and retail outlets in the UAE. Branded as Golden Valley, we pack over 250 SKU’s covering the major panorama of Nuts, Spices, Pules, Powders etc in various packs sizes.

Adhering to the highest quality standards, the division enables us to pre-package our processed pulses and spice mixes into private labelling for our customers in GCC.

Product ID Item Pack Size
OT01 Ajinomoto (Monosodium Glutamate) 100/ 500 gm
OT02 Dry Cocunut 100/ 500 gm
OT03 Lemon Salt 100/ 500 gm
OT04 Lump Sugar 100/ 500 gm
OT05 Sajeera 100/ 500 gm
OT06 Soda Bi-Carbonate 100/ 500 gm
OT07 Soya Wadi 200/ 400 gm
OT08 Yensoon 100/ 200 gm
OT09 Black Salt 100/ 200 gm
OT10 Burgol 1/ 2 Kg
OT11 Jareesh 100/ 200 gm
OT12 Popcorn 500 gm/ 1 Kg
OT13 Bajra Green 500 gm/ 1 kg
OT14 Tamarind 500 gm/ 1 Kg
OT15 Jaggery 500 gm/ 1 Kg
OT16 Tomato Paste 800 gm
OT17 Rose Water 400 ml
OT18 Food Colour Bush L/Y 100 gm
OT19 Food Colour Bush O/R 100 gm